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Infinite Money Trick no longer works.

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Sadly, they changed the sell price of Compact Scope Beta from 4100 to 3000 so the infinite money trick will no longer work.


This really puts a damper on buying gear and clothing since I have no idea on where to farm money.


If some knows any other methods on farming money, please feel free to post!

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Yeah, I just found this out the hard way earlier. Had to reload a save to get my money back after realizing this wasn't a thing anymore. I have no idea how the game expects you to actually make lots of money in this game. In the arena, at best, you can make 14,850 for each Rank 50 win (once you max the multiplier). It's probably better to do an arena battle with enemies that drop high value items (like Luxury Meat or Unknown Materials) and have 3x item drop rate and Lucky Charms.

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