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Stoking the Flames & Rock, Paper, Plasma trophies.


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Just to clarify that the Kraken doesn't work for Stoking the Flames. All stokers died by failing to their knees and exploding but the trophy didn't unlock.  Did this many rounds. It unlocked for me when I killed 3 stokers in a round by shooting their weak point with a bullet weapon. Just to be safe use a non explosive weapon.

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@Plataholic use a weapon that uses bullets for stoking the flames and aim for the weak spots on the stoker. He has to die from you shooting the weak spots and not from you just unloading enough ammo in him to kill him. 


Double pack a weapon that that uses bullets until you have firebomb for rock, paper, plasma. Then just keep killing catalysts until the trophy unlocks. 


Both trophies are attainable in the low 20’s on casual. 

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