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Advice on keyboard adapters?


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Been looking around for a decent one and everything I find seems to point towards the Xim being the best one, but it's pretty damn expensive. Are there any cheaper alternatives? I'd assume the main difference between the Xim and any cheaper options is how well it handles mouse inputs, which obviously doesn't matter at all for this game. So perhaps there's something cheaper that handles keyboards well (no input lag and all that), but maybe doesn't do the mouse too well. ?

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I couldn't find any cheaper ones when I was looking. I used a bit of software called REM4P, basically using Remote Play on your PC. It's £12 and has almost no input lag that I could notice. I used it to play Dead By Daylight. Though I don't know if it helps the connection that my PS4 and PC are right next to each other so the signal doesn't have far to go.

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