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halloween level 52, how does candy drop

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i cant figure out how to get the stupid candy to fall through the warps. after i get the 2 middle buckets gone. i always get stuck. seems like no matter what combo i use i cant make the stupid candy fall through the warp to get into the corner buckets. furthermore the game glitches alot and puts 2 gems in one block making it useless

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I know this is a pretty late answer but just got to this level myself...havent beaten it yet but got the gist of it... basically after removing the Two middle cauldrons you “just” have to get the gems right above the cauldrons away and then the candy should drop there after hitting the middle portals... and yeah experienced the glitch with the gems showing on top of each other too...but how i handled it so far is just grabbing that double gem andmoving to another spot and then you Can see what color it is ‘underneath’ if that makes any sense... sure its an annoying glitch but it is possible to work with that Way :P hope this helps a little even if it Might be one year late xD

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