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RAAAAGE! I need Help


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I swear for God that this game is breaking my nerves...


A friend of mine gave me the Deluxe Edition of this game and I’m playing MyCareer mode. I’m at the third battle (since the first one, the opponent is idling and, the second one, two strikes and I lose - that’s the objective) and I still don’t know how to play this crap. Every time the opponent grabs me, I can’t reverse, I can’t block, I can’t do shit to him. Tried all buttons to attack and almost nothing takes damage -_-


Yes, I don’t play WWE since 2010/11; I remember being very good at this game back then, now I just don’t get what the hell I have to -_- where’s the “tutorial” section for newcomers? I can’t even understand the bars and how to play decently.


am I missing something here? 

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Just now, Crimsonfire44 said:

If you're talking about the cage match with Braun Strowman, you're not supposed to be able to touch him. That's the point of that match.


No, I’m talking about the next one, on chapter 3. The one that you’re broadcasting to the world against the first opponent of the game that suddenly became over fucking powered.

I can’t win after he grabs me and spend my reversal bars. I just give up, can’t understand shit about this.

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