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Trophy Popping Issue


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Anyone else had issues with trophies popping in this version?


I cannot seem to get any, but...


Originally played the Vita version and really enjoyed it, so thought I’d do a couple more stacks.


Purchased this version from the HK Store and started playing to Lvl 25 and still no trophies.

I’ve synched everything, but my list for this game is sitting at zero earned.


I tried deleting the data, saves, game etc.

I even “hid” the game in my privacy settings.


Problem I’ve got now is that I’ve got an extra 25 trophies hidden on my profile (previous was just 12 - now 37), which coincidentally is the same amount as this game.


The Game however is showing zero trophies earned on the system, psn & on here.


Can anyone offer any suggestions?




Edit: I’ve just let the game sit there for 20 minutes and I’ve finally earned a trophy and it’s synced.

Everything else has gone back to normal.


I cannot offer any suggestions on how to fix this, if anyone else suffers from the same problem.....?!

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