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This is the only trophy I need to unlock and it is quite annoying since I wanna be the fastest achiever of 100%


I wanna ask 

- Does the day counts if I will go sleep ?

- Does my world has to be offline ?

- Are those days counting together trough all of the world?

- If I accidentally deleted the world with 20+ days are those days gone?


Thanks for an answer :3


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You probably don't need it anymore, but maybe someone else finds this useful in the future.


- It should, though the trophy can be glitchy at times.
- Shouldn't matter
- It counts the days from the specific world you're in.
- Yes

If you want the fastest time it's best to make a world with everything in it on another account, join that world, wait for 99 (in-game) days or so (just idle) and then start earning trophies.


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Irvin you are sure you have spent more than 33 hours and 20 minutes in the game then delete it, reinstall it and make a new world. Once you get in walk around for a minute and BOOM you will get the trophy.(I can tell from personal experience)


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