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How burgle/break in a house?


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Certain doors cant be opened at night. But to try to break down a door just tap the O button. Some doors cant be opened at all i think. Ive come acrossed a few places where i tried to kick the door in and it wouldnt open. A fence shop were u can sell valuaables and buy a lock breaker. I just bought it but havent tried it yet. Might work on bank robberies :)

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4 minutes ago, NL_Sion said:

I will try that, found a cabin at the woods with 2 men inside.
I also red you can buy a lockpick from the general store sometime.

Yeah u should be able to kick the door in. But if not mabye gunfire will draw them out. I dont think the reg general stores sell them. The fence stores do. Its kinda like a black market shop. Theres an X on the bag symbol when u find it. 

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