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Outlaw Arthur vs Good Arthur


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So myself and my friend have both started playing RDR2 at the same time. He is playing as a full-on Outlaw and the mechanics seem a little broken where the risk vs reward factor comes in. You can rob a train for 150 or so dollars, but then end up with a 300 dollar bounty and a really inhibiting experience. The robbery 'disguise' mechanics seem either broken or too convoluted (You need a mask, different horse, different weapons and different clothes, on top of evading lawmen investigating a crime scene). You can only pay off a bounty - you can't remove it in any other way (to me there should be other options) so you never have any money. You can work to pay off the bounty but then that means grinding out a fair amount of other things which don't give much return in selling or trading them.


I'm playing as Nice Arthur and i'm getting no issues with money, bounties or crime issues. I'm able to progress with no issues at all and am having a much more balanced game experience.


It really feels that while the game seems to be marketed as 'play bad or good' - you are really gimping yourself if you want to be an outlaw type character. comparing the two seems like the game really favours only playing a nice person regardless of the complex mechanics that seem to support a bad person approach.


All in all, based on this comparison, it really feels like the outlaw play mechanics need to be a bit more balanced and easier to navigate because it's not necessarily a disposable game experience that you can just restart easily.

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I did rob some people on the road, and I had a bandana on.

There was a witness that runs of on a horse.
I had killed 1 guy, and the other one was knock out, but I speeded away on my horse when the law was underway to investigate. Didn't get any bounty on my head, but I did get a nice silver watch and some other items. So it is possible I guess. Stuff was worth about $20. And the men looked kinda rich as well.

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