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Street Fighter x Tekken Remastered if only


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7 minutes ago, Lance_87 said:

We're still waiting for Tekken X Street Fighter.


They should release SFxT with all DLC included or they can go to hell after the original fiasco...

That's what I'm really wanting.  Capcom really marred SFxT with that stupid gem system.  I'm surprised they didn't add a "win a round with one hit" gem.

Should Namco ever do TxSF they need to keep that rubbish out.

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19 minutes ago, ExHaseo said:

SFxT is not a popular game. It has a lot of hate, especially from the fighting game community. They know that it wouldn't sell well if got re-released. So, I would be shocked if this game got a re-release.

As a huge Street Fighter fan, I love Street Fighter X Tekken but the multiplayer is the main reason I love Street Fighter because I love to face other players in Street Fighter games for fun.

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