Nightmare Day 60

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Completed the game today, I used the following configuration:


- Tar

- Tranquility

- Retreat Orders

- Sudden Fire


First 2 options related to make game easier and a little bit slower.

Retreat orders is for moving balls backwards. It's the least important as you wont be able to make ir backwards until the last minute.

Sudden fire is for breaking those balls that are unique. For example, if there is a combination of Blue-Red-Blue, I hit the red one to make a pair.


You have to focus on those 3x combos, you need every powerup you can take. Fireflies is the best one here.


Tried with @Bankingter via Share Play, but lag makes it impossible, al least for me.

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Finally, did it. Stuck in Day 60 for nearly 4 weeks (One hour every evening).

The first Enchantments used: Rune Fire, Tranquility, March Blue and Flame Purple.

Later, i used Tar instead of March Blue. But this depends on the level design.


Now i stuck on Day 61, lol. Really a nightmare, the nightmare difficulty


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Got it with Tar, Tranquility, Head Start and Flame Purple within two or three evening. Had much more pain with Drowned Marsh a few levels before.


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