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need help please


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Lending a Hand trophy - i got the list in chapter 3 and i believe i done them all but im not sure if the mission completed or not if it hasnt is that the trophy locked now as im on chapter 4 now. 

Friends With Benefits - this is just doing hunting, poker or whatever with people in your camp?

Errand Boy - ive manage to do 3 of these but i cant seem to get any of my camp mates to request more anyone got any advice on how i can get them to request items.  

Self Sufficient - this is for crafting 30 different items?


Also ive done the 10 stranger missions but the trophy hasnt popped.

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Friends with Benefits - Chapter 2, Five Finger Fillet, poker, dominoes with anyone in camp.

Chapter 3 you need to either go fishing with Keiran or Javier, stagecoach robbery with Bill or Sean, play dominoes with Tilly.

Chapter 4 you need to either go on a coach robbery with Lenny or Micah, hunting with Pearson or do a robbery with Uncle. 

Only need to do one of those activities in each chapter.


Errand Boy - You might need to do a few more missions before anyone else asks for something.


Self Sufficient - It's 30 unique items.


Western Stranger - You've got to do the complete stranger storyline for it to count so can't just do the first mission. If you press :left: on the d-pad it'll say the stranger's story continues at some later point so check in soon.

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For Friends with Benefits i had to do Hunting/Fishing/Robberies for it to count. I did everything in camp in chapter 2 and 3 and as soon as i could in chapter 4 i played poker but got no trophy, so i played dominoes but still didn't get it. Had to do a stage coach robbery in chapter 4 to get the trohpy. 


Western Strangers requires you to complete the whole quest chain. For mission it says Will continue at a later point it usually means you have to find the starting position of the next quest on the map. Waiting will do nothing. Powerpyx has a great guide on the strangers mission.


Errand Boy can be annoying to get but go to camp often and walk around it and hopefully you will get some requests. I got it ni CH3, but i spent alot of time in camp.


For Self Suffiecent you just got to craft 30 different items. All kinds of meat count toward trophy. meaning plain, oregano, minty etc etc, You can get this by only crafting all sorts of meat. 

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