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Does Forfeiting cause the other team to win?


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I am finishing up the remaining of my map wins and all sales are final by playing team deathmatch on Metro Square. When I kill 1 enemy I have the enemy back out thus winning via mercy rule. 


However when I go to the statistic and hit refresh it does not update the wins for team deathmatch. I tried updating it twice but it still won't update. 


Are the wins even counting? 


I read somewhere that they would but I would just like to be sure. 

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2 hours ago, Bezenko said:


Does this only apply for the 30 days or can you do this for the map and win trophy as well?

It counts as a win for everything. For the love of jesus, forfeit your way through that garbage game mode nuke. I also did Team Hunted and something else with this method.

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The main method to determine whether your stats updated is by the “Last Updated” time.  If it changes from a previous date, your stats were updated.


This is always reliable. 


When going for your 30 wins, if this doesn’t update for some reason, replay that day before moving forward.


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