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KonoSuba game announced for PS4, PS Vita

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It's a shame this probably won't be localised. I'm probably going to import it.


The post above perfectly describes what was going through my head when I saw this was announced too. :lol: I have to imagine they're going to make it play like more of a generic RPG because you would be screwed if the characters were anything like how they were in the anime/light novel during battle. :P

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This seems interesting, really hoping it'll be localized, but not expecting that.


9 hours ago, ex10097 said:

Lol I wonder if the game characters will be as messed up as their anime/LN counterparts. Like Megumin randomly casting EXPLOSION!!!!!! for a regular mob and becoming completely useless, Aqua healing the enemy mob, aggroing all undead like crazy or just doing party tricks, Darkness's perversion will actually be useful for a change, Kazuma's Steal will always give him panties for some reason and Yunyun might be the only decent character lol (but Megumin's antics might cause her to run away).

Kono Suba Kazuma GIF - KonoSuba Kazuma Cheering GIFs

That would be hilarious :lol: .

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