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Any suggestions for a better defensive charm build for later bosses in PoH?


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I'm trying to complete the pantheon of Hallownest and usually I go with unbreakable strength, quick slash, quick focus and long nail, so far so good, but I want to change the combination for the later bosses like Nightmare King Grimm and Pure Vessel because I like to get hit too much. While practicing them I went with unbreakable strength, quick focus, shape of Unn and Mark of Pride and that works mostly (but unfortunately not always especially with PV) in the single boss attempts. I'm wondering if there are some better defensive builds I can try out? It should also be good for Absolute Radiance, I still have to make it to her and couldn't practice her yet, so no clue if my build would be good for her at all.


Some tips would be great :).

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