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Warning SPOILER! (Post Game)


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Major spoilers ahead! Do not read unless you've completed the main story and the epilogue.


I've read that weapons should carry over from Arthur to John but for me this did not happen. Is it a glitch or do they in fact not carry over?

Arthurs horses and money is lost as well.

What exactly carries over? For me it seems like only clothing and som various items from the satchel carries over to John.


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5 minutes ago, DennisBosater said:

Yes I have, and I did not.


Well you get 20.000$ and before Arthur died, he gave John his saddle which means John gets all weapons, scatchel stuff etc., which is the case after you complete the entire epilogue.

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You don't get Arthur's money (likely because John is supposed to be struggling). Unsure of the horses since I've not been to the stables.


Weapons and clothes are definitely carried over, if it's not happened then it's an odd glitch.


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14 minutes ago, Akrioz said:

I have a question too.

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Do you get things like plumes, feathers, orchids? Or should I just finish quests for exotics while still in chapter 6? Cause I have a lot of them already and it would be a problem to grind them again.


Don't think so, finish the quests before the story just to be on the safe side.

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