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Anyone know if this has microtransactions?


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No microtransactions. It's built like an arcade game, when you collect money and complete the level, you can buy upgrades, but you lose everything when you die. So I guess it's sort of...roguelike? But on bikes. It's fun but really challenging. I originally thought that just completing the game with every character put people off the platinum, but that is NOT the case. Each character has an ability---for many of them, it's a negative ability, like 'half health' or 'takes more damage,' making the game way more difficult to plat. I played the original road rash on PC back in the day (running over grannies and whatnot), which is why I bought this. I remember it being like, whack people and win the race. With this game, there's missions and stuff, providing more re-playability.

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