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On 11/7/2018 at 10:12 AM, APCGrayLocked said:

i will buy it, no matter if the plat will be a cakewalking or hard as nails one. I love the shoot'em ups and this, reminds of Geometry Wars 3, another great title that i love (and platted).


As the trailer says, this game also comes to PSVITA and that's just perfect.


I thought the same, unfortunately, it's not as slick as GW3. The field of fire for example is not 360, but 8 directions only. 

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13 minutes ago, DrHambone said:

Jeez, I almost had a seizure just watching that video. I wouldn't survive playing this game! Glad it made it to the Vita, but I'll pass.


Agree. It's neither intuitive nor slick as GW3 (which IMO is the best Shoot em up on the PS4). 


Shame really, had potential. 



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