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How to Beat Survival Mode Easily (Survival Mode Trophies Easy Way)


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Hey guys, it's Rubhen here with a small tip to beating Survival Mode Easily. There are 3 trophies. One for beating 12 matches, one for beating 60 matches and finally the last one for beating 120.

After about the 50th straight match your hand gets tired and your regen is lower the less health you have, so just spam the projectile move from Gabriel.

Down to Forward Quarter Circle motion and then triangle (Heavy Punch). This move is broken and can hit enemies as they recover. Just keep doing this while watching something to grind this out haha.


I show in the video that this move can be chained over and over again and the opponents cannot do anything about it.


Hope this helps!



*NOTE - I would like to thank Felipe for providing me the game :)

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