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Nomura: ‘Various developments being considered to accompany Final Fantasy VII Remake’

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Seriously, it's a crime that it was never even released digitally, so only people who bought a physical copy on PSP got to play it. It's such a great game, and the MC is the best FF character of all time (I'm totally not biased or anything). I've been hoping for a remaster or remake for years. This sounds like Nomura at least wants to release some kind of collection of the side FFVII games, so hopefully once KH3 is out, he'll be able to focus more on getting that done.

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That sounds nice. I always hoped there would be a port of Crisis Core to Vita (even as PSP emulation) or PS4 as I really loved the game when I played it on a friends PSP. Since I never owned a PSP myself I really want to play this game again. Same for the other titles accompanying VII, as I never got a chance to play those but am quite interested in the stories.

I really like the though of a possibility that there be chances to play any of the side titles. Even if it's just as a port like the older FF games. I'm happy with whatever gets to current platforms.

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