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Mega man X8

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I'm confused.


I completely beat all the other games. 

I can't even beat a single stage in X8.

Every level has a mechanic that is worse than the one that came before it.

I looked it up, and people on the internet rave that this is the best game in the Series.

Am I missing something? I've never even made it to a boss fight as far as I can recall.


I may leave this one in the scrap pile.

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All the stages having to each have their own gimmick is really aggravating me.

The chip system is just padding, the game would be two hours long without it (not even counting the 100% grind, just little stuff like lives and energy refills being tied to your chips instead of pickups). I can understand taking away infinite retries to an extent, since you could just brute force your way through the levels in the previous games.

I can see why people say it's not as bad as X7, but X7 really wasn't that terrible to me, just surprisingly easy and mostly unmemorable. X6 is still the worst one to me, but overall nothing in the second collection is worth playing.

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