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Nameless cults trophy


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how to get this trophy


-Drink no alcohol


-Read all unholy books (the 3 books for the trophy)


-Kill Bradley


-Save Drake in the shambles section with the lamp.


-Always choose R’lyeh speach options


-Accept Leviathan’s knowledge, struggle when speaking to him, accept to drink medicine, but refuse to eat flesh and kill Dr. Fuller

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I just followed this and was only given the perform ritual or counter ritual.


Edit: played again and this time I got all the occult artifacts, and drove Irene over the edge, in addition to the above options.  Then I got the option for this ending.

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On my second playthrough I was not presented with the options to refuse the ritual with the information above...


I also don't understand what the difference between this trophy and the trophy 'Farewell' is.


Both say to "Refuse the ritual," only 'Nameless Cults' says "Refuse 'to take part in' the ritual"


After further research, everywhere I look online gives different answers to whether you need to drink, or speak the alien language, along with what is/is not necessary.


1. Does anyone know what matters and how it's supposed to be executed in order to get this trophy?

2. Does unlocking this trophy also unlock the trophy "Farewell" aswell? 


Answering my own questions after further playthroughs for clarity:

1. Basically, your sanity stat being high allows you to get the options for both "Farewell and Nameless Cults"; There's a slew of actions across your playthrough that tip the scales one way or another, I wasn't able to isolate which events mattered and which didn't at the end, because missing a handful of specific actions didn't drop or add to my sanity level much during playthroughs.


2. Although the trophies are not unlocked at the same time, I didn't come across an instance where the corresponding final action for Farewell, didn't appear with the final action for Nameless Cult, so if you do one, you can reload and do the other.


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found answers
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