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Psp/vita question


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Hey peeps.

So i finnaly bought a vita. An so far im happy with it i have a fair amount of x play games an such to mess around with.


Thou i think remote play is going to be my main use.


That aisde. 


I have a question.

 I purchased corps party. And book of shadows forever ago, and im going to get blood drive.


What im curious about. Is - since i bought the first two corps party games. Is there away to get them onto the vita with out paying for them again?


 As the ps store is showing 9~19$ purchace price.


 Dont really want to rebuy.

 If psp's screen wasnt damaged wouldnt be much of an issue.




 Im an idiot.


I saw the price.

But read download as by.

Was bout to get mad when i saw fallen legion for $$ when i got that w cross by pre order lol. Derp!

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Im stupid
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Ooh so you also got a Vita! Nice. The downloads list can be a huge pain on the Vita though since you gotta do a lot of scrolling

I finally found someone to play Ragnarok Odyssey Ace (EU) with on Discord as other places seem dead. But most other Vita coop games like Toukiden, Soul Sacrifice Delta, NFS Most Wanted, Silent Hill BoM, Battle of Z, Monster Monpiece, etc. play fine. It was only stupid ROA that allowed PS3/Vita crossplay but separated everyone by their servers.

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When it comes to Corpse Party, I liked the first game the best. Their cartoony but scary presentation, the way they used sounds to stimulate your imagination and the multiple bad endings lol. Was really shocked when that whole Seiko thing happened in first chapter and thought I had triggered a bad and not actual chapter end. Realized then that playing after 10pm with headphones on might not have been such a good idea after all..........

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1 hour ago, the_real_culture said:

Hey didn't want to open new thread...


My question is about Silent Hill Origins... I was searching for SH: Origins on my Vita but it doesn't appear. I searched on PS3 and it's there to purchase but it only mentions that it works on PSP. Does anyone know if it works on the Vita?


I have a North American main account.

You should be able to download the PSP game to your PS3 and use Content Manager or QCMA to transfer it to your Vita and it should work fine. 


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