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I started playing Atelier Rorona Plus after a long time and was in the process of getting my remaining endings. All of a sudden game just crashed without warning and everytime I start it I get the damn error code. After checking Google, I had to either reformat my memory card or delete and reinstall game. Good news is that I have a backup on harddrive so would only lose a morning's worth of gaming but still annoying. So I decided to transfer game to PC via Content Manager and only copy the savedata folder before deleting everything else. Now I am in the process of redownloading the game, then hoping save data can be copied over without any corruption issues. I don't want to start a brand new game meeting all character flags, lvling up to 50, etc. in one playthrough again. Will update how it goes for me and in worst case scenario can start from my backup again.


EDIT: Didn't work. Luckily had a backup so only lost this morning's progress.

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It seems the error was being caused by my Wifi for this particular game. Since network features were turned off at start of game, whenever I close my Vita and come back to it, sometimes my Wifi will turn on and that seems to be really screwing with this game, causing it to randomly crash until game won't even start anymore. Turning my Wifi off seems to have solved the problem though with no more crashes happening. Recommend you only turn on Wifi for Vita games that allow it to prevent errors like these happening without any warning.


Moral of the story: Keep backups. When s**t happens, your backups will save you. Whether you use PS+ or keep them on external hard drive like me, backups can be your lifelines.




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