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Turf Wars confirmed to be released November 20th!


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I don't know about you guys, but I've been craving some more Spidey action, especially since the combat and swinging mechanics are so fluid and fun, so the wait's gonna kill me. I've been tempted to try the ASM series, but I can't imagine their combat system holding up against this game. 

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If ASM stands for Amazing Spider-Man then I would recommend them for some what spidey fans. The games are definitely poop but they can be great fun.

Also if you want some easy plats go for them though vita version of the 1st amazing spidey costs alot.

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58 minutes ago, Armored Squirrel said:

I'm assuming that my favorite suit won't be making an appearance till the sequel. RIP Venom suit :( 

They were never going to put it in this game. It deserves a full game of its own rather than a DLC story.

13 minutes ago, SnizelPS said:

The MK1 is actually not black, if any die-hard comics fans were wondering...

It's reflective silver like in the comics, the reason it's black in that photo is no light source.



That looks a lot better than in the picture, but I still think we have too many MK suits.

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