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Why is 98 insanely hard?

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Just picked this up on sale this week and have been playing through the games in order. 

I’ve got the difficulty set to 1 and I’ve mostly breezed through the games apart from 94/95 Rugal giving me some difficulty. 


Then I get to 98 and the game is destroying me. By the third team I’m getting my ass kicked like it’s in the highest difficulty. 

The CPU is reading my every move. I tried on 2 and same, getting killed by the 3rd fight.

What’s the deal, is it glitched or just insanely difficult compared to the others?

Any tips or ideas? I want the plat but I’ll never be able to beat 98 without continuing at this rate. 

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On 1/4/2021 at 7:36 AM, Copanele said:

Partially reviving this long dead thread, for whoever has issues with KoF  98 being insanely cheap. I encountered that issue too, but there's 2 "possible" approaches to it:

  1. Restart the game. I believe the game sets itself to the highest difficulty (despite the actual Difficulty being 1). I was obliterated by the CPU starting the 3rd fight, restarted and it suddenly became as dumb as the KoF 97 CPU.
  2. Sweeps are the most OP things in this game. Just crouch + hard kick, let the opponent fall, then once it gets back up, sweep again. You can catch the AI in an infinite loop like that. Eventually see which is the best sweeper of your team and go with that one. This works on Rugal also. Additionally, don't try to jump on the AI. You will get toast.

Hope this little bit of info will help anyone that stumbles across the collection :D 


Can confirm this will help immensely with KOF 98.  The CPU does get much more manageable after restart once you enter the game. Thanks for the info! 

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Just managed to complete this game . The AI in 98 seems to go into hyper mode where it will read your attacks no matter what you are doing, I was scraping most of the matches at this point with a fairly standard team.


I believe it is best to reset at this point and it should correct itself . One interesting note after struggling to get the O. Rugal, I defeated him first time 

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I've been playing with no issues at all for a few playthroughs then I got hit by this bug and now it seems I can't get rid of it. I tried what you guys said but it's still the same, even better sometimes the AI is still insane on the very first match. I tried restarting the game from the pause menu, closing and relaunching the application, I even forced a save in the difficulty option menu by setting it to 8 then back to 1. I'm getting kind of desperate as when doing my playthroughs today everything was going super smoothly and I just have 2 playthroughs left. I've restarted the application so many times, but as soon as I get to the third match it happens again every single time. 


Edit: After turning off the console completely (not just putting it in sleep mode), I retried and the bug still happened on the 3rd fight but this time when I restarted the game itself (KOF '98) from the pause menu (so not the application) it fixed it.

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