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Can you hit max honor in chapter 2/3?


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46 minutes ago, Ohh_Kill_Em98 said:

I was wondering if you hit the max honor level while still playing chapter 2?  Also would love to hear your best ways to quickly gain honor? 

I don't think so, if you just do chores in camp and chose the good choices during the story you should easily have enough honor for all the quests.  In chapter 6 you do like 2 missions and it puts your honor up 2 full levels which should be enough for the last honor mission.  Unless you go on a killing spree you will easily be able to do all honor missions.

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From what I can tell the honor level is capped up to chapter 4. (Honor Level 4 from the looks of it). 


I had about an inch left to max out in chapter 4 but it wasn't increasing. Played a few honor missions in chapter 6 and maxed out instantly. 

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