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PlayStation Plus promotions / discounts (question)


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Hello everyone, I hope I am posting this in the correct place.


I was just wondering if there is any reliable way to get a PlayStation Plus subscription through official channels at a steep discount?


With Xbox LIVE Gold, I signed up for three months and got three months free. And in like two months, I’ll end up getting a year for free thanks to Microsoft Rewards and a few annoying bing searches everyday. But the closest offers I ever see from Sony are $10 off during “Days of Play” or spending $6000 (!) on the PlayStation Store to get it through their rewards program....


$60 for multiplayer is hard to justify when I’d probably only get a dozen or so hours use out of it (even the $20 for Nintendo Switch Online was hard to justify, but I had almost $10 in gold coins to use toward it). Like I don’t mind paying, I just wish there was a lower priced version that excluded access to Instant Game Collection and Games With Gold which I never use.

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1 hour ago, kidson2004 said:

This right here. PS+ cards will go on sale on Black Friday. Saw a deal for a years worth of plus for $39. I would honestly wait for then. 


I bought 3 years worth at $29.99/year several Black Fridays ago. This is really your best bet for stocking up with a generous discount.

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On 11/9/2018 at 0:03 PM, Veris-Luna said:

I just started with psn and trial ends today.  Based on what I am reading i will go one month then wait and get the year on black friday.  Was just about to buy the year upgrade as we speak.  lol



how much will that psn year be on black friday, do you know?

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digital is always safer anyway. if lack a credit card. best buy has those gift cards you can buy in the supermarket and can get purchases from that.

it's worth it to have 20$ off. playstation said it has something in the works around friday to the 26th then again i don't believe it until it happens.

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