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How to "speedrun" the campaign?


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Hello everyone,

I think the thread titel sounds a bit confusing, but I try my best to explain it.

I play at the moment on NG+ Infamous and I remembered on a problem, which I had in the normal run:

On every area of the three bosses, I had nearly at the end of reaching the last resistance points the feeling, that I do not know what to do to get the last resistance points.

I know, that you have many tasks like siedquests, storyquests, killing VIPs, destroy this and that etc.

But everytime I reach a specific point I could not find new missions and the random tasks like VIPs. I had the feeling to reach the max points to get the boss is equivalent to finish all tasks on an area, although on the area overview there stands: 23/50 Missions, but I dont know where they are.


So, can sb give me some tricks how I earn FAST and EASY the resistance points, such that I can finish the game as soon as possible.

I know following:

story missions give you many points,

liberate all outposts to get new missions,

destroying silos etc. is also okay,

unlock the whole map to find everything

unlock all roasters





please do not ask me anything about infamous, it is annoying, I got the same question again and again. Please use a thread

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