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Help with Online Pass


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Hey everyone,

I've bought this game quite recently, and went through a lot of trouble to get a brand-new factory sealed copy in the city I live in, just because I knew that I'd need a unused Online Pass.

Turns out, even though I took so much care, I'm still getting and "code is invalid" message.

I'm not sure why that is happening, and I'm going to try and talk to EA support, but that's not the help I'm looking for here.

I'd like to know if I can buy an Online Pass on the US store(or any other store, really, the Brazilian one doesn't have it available), and if I buy it with an US account, can I use it on my main account, somehow?

Thanks in advance.

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The code is probably invalid because it's expired due to age or it could be the wrong region.


But you're still able to play all the game modes without the online pass. It just stops you from earning credits for the online modes, although I'm not sure if that affects the event badges which are based on credits. I've heard conflicting stories on whether it's possible to 100% without the pass or not.

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Thanks a lot for the reply, @Shadiochao, for some reason I haven't noticed the notification popping up on it, so i just thought there were no answer.

In any way, now that I'm done with the online portion of the game, I felt like sharing some of what I learned with the online pass:

1. I talked with EA support, and they told me that my code wouldn't work on my local account, because of region issues(good call, Shadiochao!), so they suggested me creating an US account. Didn't sound very ethical by the time, but it worked! Redeemed the code with the US acc, on a different in-system profile, and it counted for all profiles, including my main account.

2. I guarantee the Online Pass is needed to get the online mode done, for "The Gold Spender" requires the player to accumulate 1m Online Credits, and that requires the pass.

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