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The Elusive Poison Puff


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I’ve spent the last 3 days looking for this darn mushroom, and whilst doing so I’ve scoured the internet for any information of where to potentially find it; and here is what I have found out.


When the mushroom was first added to the PC version you could find it somewhat easily. However after a few updates they became near impossible to find.

Most people claim that they will spawn randomly when loading into the game, thus making their location impossible to pinpoint. Others claim they no longer spawn at all, and the only way to get one is to use the console commands to spawn one. 


I’ve circumnavigated the whole map about 8 times now. 4 of which were on completely new games, in case it’s just pot luck as to which game it spawns into. But still no luck.


There’s a small ray of hope in that, although nobody on PSNProfiles has the ‘You are a fun guy’ trophy. The trophy has a 0.1% unlock ratio on PSN. Which means somebody has been able to find one. However there’s no knowing if this was the devs testing that the trophies unlock correctly, or if it was just a player.


Needless to say that this mushroom is becoming the bane of my existence. I still have a few other trophies left to unlock, but I’m invested in finding this darn Poison Puff before I move on to them.

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