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Cross buy / platform question


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 So i recently got a vita.


Enjoying it so far


But im curious how cross buy works

Im noticing some of my games. Are allowing me to download to vita. 

Such as fallen legion. Steam world heists. Darkest dungeon ect.


But Then i get to games like


Grand kindgoms.


I had grabed digital ps+ version of game on ps4. Iirc it was advertised as cross buy with vita when it was a ps+ game


( did have physical copy but got rid of it ya i know physical copys typically dont count as a cross buy lol)


 So im wondering


 How would i play some of the games that are shown as cross buy on vita. And in my ps4 libary.


But showing ( buy $$$)  instead of download.


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Where does it say cross-buy on their site? Maybe it was one of those you actually had to select individually when it was free? I'm not sure.


If you click here https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP1063-PCSE00879_00-0000000000000000, does it say you own it? If it says you dont own it.. then..welll. Yeah.

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It's shown as cross by in the ps vita psn shop. Under the cross by catagory


And dam eurgo i should just p.m you all the questions related to vita


Click link in a second.on mobile


(Edit 1)

 Am i getting cross platform mixed with cross buy/play


Thought if it was under that section. Ment i aquired it on both when bought.



Edit 2:

 Ya says to add to cart. Xp oh well ill stick w it on ps4.

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49 minutes ago, Blackmist_FFXI said:

Thats lame haha as i only just got the vita.


 Never occurred to me to clame it on website for vita.


Oooooh well :3


Same goes for PS3 owners without a PS4 and vice versa. You can 'add/purchase' it and it'll always be there as long as you have PS+. I wish I had been doing that for the 3 years prior to getting my Vita!

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