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"The Joys of Civilization" help


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Gold medal objective is impossible:

-Catch the street urchin before he reaches the market


I've tried this 10+ times and fail every time. Arthur will just stand there when your supposed to catch the kid.

No explanation HOW to tackle, triangle doesn't work, circle doesn't work, I've even stood there MASHING all buttons and L2 and the kid still runs past.

When locked onto him, you only have the option to 'scold', which seems like a glitch.


None of the youtube comments on GTASeries's video even knows how to do it.


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Thanks guys for the help, I was able to gold medal this. I somehow managed to get the timed objective too, even though the bartender would glitch and not talk for 30 seconds. He would do this on every restart, probably because I attempted this mission too much.

Even though I managed it, this mission wasn't worth all the hassle, restarts for 3 hours, looking up like 10 videos, and having to listen to that piece of fucking shit who gives Arthur a tour of the city.


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