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It’s not game of the year material but I’ve heard it’s a fun game, all the sarcasm about it is clearly from people that don’t even know what it is.

44 minutes ago, Spaz said:

Meant to take sarcastically of course. 


I want to play a game where you play as PewDiePie and watch him scream while playing video games.

This is deeper than just playing as an already existing YouTuber.

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33 minutes ago, Bumperklever said:

tss this game is already goty. I mean it has a physical release!




I'd like to address two things:

  1. There's going to be a disk version? WTF? Who honestly thought it was a good idea to release this garbage for the physical market? Was there ever enough demand for this to be considered?
  2. 30 Euros? They honestly think that for what this BS is, it's worth almost 50 dollars in Australia? God some people don't even know product value these days.

Please, don't waste your money on this crap. Maybe if it was under 10 USD the price would have been acceptable for what it is, but no. Copy what TinyBuild is doing with Hello Neighbour and milk as much money as possible out of consumers for a product that simply isn't worth that much money.

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