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Just a PSA for anyone going for the platinum, if you manage to get Dogmeat (or any other pet that has a multiplier for Objective Completion) this will count for a lot of trophy assigments. I had my pet stationed at the vault entrance in case of Raider attacks and I didn't get nearly 50 attack, but the trophy popped. As I've gotten lucky and unlocked Dogmeat almost at the start of my playthrough I managed to test and confirm what he can help with:

Get Off My Lawn
Successfully stop 50 Raider Attacks 

Just make sure Dogmeat is assigned to any dweller in the room the raiders die in, otherwise it won't count!

Overachieve Much?
Complete 100 objectives

While he won't decrease the number of objectives per se, you can use him to complete objectives faster.

You're Fired!
Kill 10 Quest Bosses
Enemy of the Wastes
Kill 500 enemies on Quests

Big Pharma
Collect 100 Stimpaks and 100 RadAway on Quests

Smooth Talker
Make 25 Dialogue Choices on Quests

Wasteland Wanderer
Complete 10 Quests
Urban Ranger
Complete 30 Quests
Complete 60 Quests
Legend of the Wastes
Complete 100 Quests
This is a big one, if Dogmeat is assigned to any dweller on a quest everything you do will be multiplied by 3 for the trophy requirement. So in reality you would just need to do 34 quests, kill 167 enemies etc.

Also, having multiple pets with objective completion bonuses in a room/on a quest won't help, as the game only counts the highest multiplier, but not multiple ones.


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I got a parrot named Vinny, but he was only x2. Since I'm so far along I dunno if it's worth trying to save scum for Dogmeat at this point...


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