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An unpopular opinion... (Spiderman PS4)


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So, I recently bought Spiderman for the PS4...


I really don't like it. Played probably 2 hours? of gameplay and its boring as hell. It's the same as every other Spiderman game, just with improved graphics and more, boring side quests. I've seen some boss fights and tbh, they all look repetitive... It's just too overrated, I'm surprised that anyone above the age of 12 enjoys this game... There's also this 1 part of the game I totally didn't get, and yeah, while the game doesn't exactly follow the movies or comics... It surprised me that there is hacking in the game. Kinda made me say "remember that one scene where Peter Parker was hacking? yeah, me neither!" (apart from Homecoming) as well as the Asian lady who was speaking to me on where to go n' stuff. Wasn't listening because she just seemed so unimportant and annoying... I know this is an unpopular opinion cause everyone and their mother has rated the game 9/10. Thoughts?

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The police sergeant is unimportant? Okay hahaha everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I think you went into this game wanting to hate it because everyone else Love's it, I may be wrong but it's just a hunch (it's happened to me before tbh) I'd say give the game a chance but I think you've already made up your mind

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