This game is an underrated gem

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Seriously 😮 for any fan of rpgs, building things, micromanaging, zombies, with a grain of sandbox, and solid couch coop with 2 players, this game is fun as hell.


From the beginning you are in despair with almost no water and food, fighting with a stick. Soon you find the kovak bunker's trip to find as much water as you want, you create your base, make ranged weapons, traps, improve all the mentioned allowing some more diversity, with a lot of missions to do.


Maybe its not an AAA, or beautiful in any sense. But hours go by and, alone or with a friend, I'm enjoying it a lot. It's like Don't Starve with less things to build and more action. And I love Don't Starve as well.


If they announce a sequel, I will be hyped!

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I personally liked the original more. The amount of items needed to craft everything in this sequel is just ridiculous.


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