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Super Pixel Racers,
At first it seems to be an easy game and not very challenging, the appearances are deceptive, the game of beginning is quiet but in advance it requires the player to make upgrades in the car, that is where the game begins to give a job the races become more difficult always there is a car in your tail, (unless you have the patience to repeat many races to equip the car the most before moving on).
The game consists of more than 150 races being necessary to arrive in 1 placed in all (if it is in search of the platinum), the events are divided as follows:

Championship Class C - 20 Races

Championship Class C Plus - 20 Races

Championship Class B - 20 Coriidas

Championship Class B Plus - 20 Races

Championship Class A - 20 Races

Class A Plus Championship - 20 Races

Rookie Cups - 7 Championships

Pro Cups - 8 Championships

Master Cups - 10 Championships

Difficulty 4/10

Estimated time for platinum: 50 hours may be less, what takes is to make money to make all upgrades,
Tip: for those who have turbo control, repeat the last race of the championship class b plus, leave the X on the turbo, so it will keep repeating the same race and accumulating money, I did this for a few nights when I went to sleep.

No trophy that is impossible is just a matter of time to platinum.

Only 1 trophy online.

I made some videos showing how the game is for those who need help in the online trophy I will be willing to help.


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