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FF14 is my life. I basically live in the Gold Saucer. And the trailer looked really REALLY great.

I will totally get this one and if possible I want to pre-order the Collector's Edition. Give me everything this game has to offer. I want it and I want it now.

Also it will be the first expansion I will experience live from the beginning and I really don't want to miss out on that

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The conference so far looked really good.  Watched bits of it on twitch.  I love this game.  I just have 7 months to get to the expansion.  With so many dang games to play right now its going to be hard, lol.  Im on lamia server.  Getting this day one for sure.  



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I preordered the digital collectors edition the day it went up! The preorder bonuses come out March 1st and include a pair of earrings that allow 30% experience increase on DoW/DoM up to level 70. I will so be making good use of those. :D


Also early access from June 28th. <3

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14 minutes ago, nazareth357 said:

If you preorder Shadowbringers do you get instant access to the previous expansions?

According to the description from the collectors edition on the PSN, yes you’ll have access to the previous 2 expansions but still need the base game to access all content. 


Can read it here:




Edit: the regular edition of this expansion also includes the 2 previous expansions:



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Its been 3 years or so since ive touched ff14.


 I've been dying to scrach that fantasy itch.. Ff11 is abit to dead and solo'able for my liking ( after 13 years on that)


 So ima deffenitly try for day 1 launch


But i gotta lot to catch up on ahah


 Cant recall how far i was into post story. 3~ months before stormbringer droped.

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