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got my teeth kicked in on ultimate difficulty, all around solid addition to the game but my gosh i couldnt keep up, 


swapped to normal to see it through


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I've been delayed getting around to this DLC, as I'm primarily Xbox and have been busy with college. Catching up now with Spiderman DLC, and I must admit, I don't find Turf Wars terribly difficult to be honest. I died twice during the main campaign, had to retry the stealth challenges 2-3 times, and just one of the hammerhead locations on Normal. I wasn't amazing at Spiderman, either. I did it on Normal and died maybe 6-8 times.


In research, I read up a guide and roadmap and a lot of people have been going on and on about the difficulty, so I was a bit apprehensive. However, I personally found being swarmed by Sable towards the end of the base game on par with this, if not a bit more difficult.


I'm not saying it isn't super hard if you're playing above normal, but if that is the case just lower the one will care and there are no trophies attached to difficulty aside from NG+ 😂


Tips and Tricks

MAIN CAMPAIGN: My only two deaths in the main missions of this DLC was at 


The Hammerhead boss fight at the very end of this DLC's main campaign.


Both were purely my fault, all you really need to do is kill minions and dodge until you get your focus up, then use your focus upon him alongside some web bomb/punch combos.


SCREWBALL CHALLENGES: I did the combat and gadget challenges on my first attempt. The stealth ones took me a couple of goes, as the margin of error was slim, but I found these the most fun because of that - it's got a Hitman style of precision to it. They are short and easily repeatable, so it really isn't too much of a stress. Additionally,  If you get 3 photobombs, it doesn't really matter how well you do as you get 1900-2400 points per one.  


HAMMERHEAD HIDEOUTS: The most "difficult" but not too bad, the only one that took more than one attempt was the northernmost one and I got that on my 2nd attempt. 


ENEMIES: They are tougher than The Heist, on par with Sable IMO. Everything is down to technique and prioritising which enemies to take out first. For the 4 hammerhead hide-outs and combat challenges, prioritize in the following order - shields, whip enemies, rocket guys, minigun brutes. The last is by far the most dangerous, but also the easiest to dodge IMO.


The shield guys can really mess you up if you aren't careful as they also disable your abilities for 5 seconds. Personally, I never wasted focus on them as the AI is quite dull, I'd just slide under them, uppercut them into the air and finish them off mid-air by spamming square. This worked every time.


For the whip enemies, I'd get the levitation web ability (completely forgotten what its called) and then do a mid-air punching combo to eliminate them. These aren't that dangerous in of themselves, but are very annoying as they will take you from the sky until they are dealt with. 


Rocket enemies are just normal enemies, so no special technique is required. You must (obviously) dodge any rockets, and as and when you locate one, take them out (if you're swarmed with shield or whips, though, take them out first, as the rocket guys are dodgeable and weak). 


Minigun brutes are the most dangerous and hard to kill, but also slow and easy to dodge from a distance. 2 focus bars will eliminate them, so I would effectively NEVER use focus unless I was almost dead OR using them on these lads. If you're out of focus, using the levitating web ability and punch their lights out. Web bombs and punches work well too, just don't get too cautious. To avoid being devoid of focus with multiple brutes, I'd use my focus on a brute, then whale on some easy fodder to regain my focus up, and go again. The northernmost is by far the hardest because you get more minigun brutes in that one than the others combined. 



Re: my opinions of the DLC (which no one asked for), I wasn't a fan. I thought The Heist was serviceable, if a bit by the numbers, with an interesting premise. This DLC really seemed so predictable from the outset. I think the DLC for Spiderman, in general, is too formulaic and exposes such criticisms of the game as a whole. As much as I think Spiderman is a solid 8/10 game, with some great movement mechanics, gameplay, story and presentation, I think the game's side content is pretty bare bones and "Ubisoft-y", and it just feels like boxes to tick with little rhyme or reason. The base narrative is very well crafted, even to me a non-Marvel fan generally, and the side content seems unnecessarily bland like it HAS to be there. This extends to the hilariously overused minigames and challenges, too. The DLC just feels like more boxes to tick, it doesn't really add much and is only fun in the sense that the game as a whole is fun. Some these problems leak into the DLC's story as well. For example, during the story (for no spoilers, I'll say right after you earn your second story-related trophy of the DLC), Spidey says "she must have a breaking point". Sure enough, 5 seconds later, said person has snapped and completely fulfilled his prophecy. There is too much foreshadowing and predictability to make the DLC's anywhere near as engaging as the base game. One thing this DLC didn't have THANK F***K is MJ sections. I really can't stand the sections you aren't Spiderman. Except for one instance in the base game 



The train station level 


it was always so pointless and just feels like filler. Still, DLC's have been disappointing to me.


P.S: If anyone is wondering why I haven't got 100% in the DLC yet, it's because I haven't had time to mop up the crimes yet. I've done anything truly involved or "fight-y". The crimes are insanely easy and will take around an hour or an hour and a half or swinging around.

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Yes, they are certainly harder - best bet is to fully upgrade the anti-gravity gadgets to full level - that way they will lift the minigun guys along with everyone else. Then just fire up the web-blossom and watch the walls get sand-blasted with dudes

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