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Squishies - Trophy thoughts, Review and more!


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Hello everybody,

With the release of Beatsaber and Spyro this week, it kinda feels that this platformer gem is being forgotten. Allow me to introduce it to you:



Squishies is a platformer/puzzle game in which you will need to roll the squishies towards the end-goal of the level. You will be equipped with 2 fish-controllers (Motion controllers) to suck and push the squishies away, making them roll over the level. The first levels are quite easy, you will learn to understand the game. After a few levels the difficulty will increase, not too hard tho! 

What do i need to play?
As said, you will need to have two motion controllers, VR glasses and its camera.

Is the prize worth it?

The game will cost you 25 euro/dollar. This is not too much in my opinion! The game has 100 campaign levels, ranging from 1 to 30 minutes to complete. 
It took me around 25 hours to complete the campaign, that would mean you are paying 1 euro for each gaming hour. Not so much it is? Beside the standard campaign levels you can play & create custom levels and share them with friends.

A platform game, doesn't that get boring quickly?
The campaign features 100 levels divided over 5 worlds. Each world has their own theme and different obstacles for you to overcome. 
The mechanics in each level are therefore very different and some require some practice! In this video you can see a few of the different obstacles the game has in store for you.

Give me trophies, it is PSNProfiles FFS!
The game has 1 :platinum:  - 4 :gold: - 11 :silver: and 20 :bronze: trophies. 
The game is a 4/5 difficulty - Some levels can be quite hard. Patience will save you. The platinum trophy could be achieved within 25 hours.
You will be able to use level select, so nothing is miss-able. Creating your own levels could also get you a lot of trophies!



Squishies is a awesome game for the PSVR, it gives you a lot of playtime for your money. The levels don't get repetitive cause they used a lot of different elements and mechanics to keep the game fun.

I would rate it with an 8/10 score!

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