Platinum Difficulty?

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Plat is not really difficult, but kinda grindy, still not too long though. Hated the challenge with Vortex Tochdown takedown, because i was not really sure how to get it, and sometimes it wont even count... One thing which was getting obnoxious was that you cant skip the post game screen. (Winners Showcase) Otherwise, pretty easy, i enjoyed it for the most part, cool soundtrack mostly, great destruction, controls felt solid (once you get used to the uneven road). Sometimes the matches require you to get lucky, because the bots sometimes seem to not understand the objective of the mode :D

Best of luck completing the Superstar campaign for whoever tries this. :)


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I did all the levels solo, gotta say A.I made it awful but its not difficult, just rng/luck based. And yeah, as Arin1979 said it's a lot easier with a partner.


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