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Future Tone among Vocaloids is easy. But it doesn't have platinum. The only difficulty-specific trophy asks to clear one Hard song. Should be possible for average player as you can go with slow and easy one. As Future Tone has all songs from Diva games you can try them in it and see if you have a chance to clear Diva plats. Diva Fs platinums require to clear their playlists on Hard which is considered easy for Hatsune fans who is playing on Extreme, but there are at least two to five songs in each of the games which require more than average skill to finish them on Hard. So you can try those songs in FT before getting Diva.


Trails of Cold Steel is easy. Yeah, some missables, but relationship system and NG+ make it worthy to get into the list. NG+ let you save your high levels for new game so it's no problem to clear "hard" bosses with such over-leveling (and you need 2 runs anyway for plat). Tokyo Xanadu ex+ is the same, but without cliffhangers at the end^.~"


Among other games maybe Eiyuu Senki (there is actually one troublesome trophy), Exist Archive (very grindy) and Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity.


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On 12/3/2018 at 8:51 PM, Narutofreak1412 said:

If you are refering to the wiki page: Yeah, that entry seems a bit confusing. At first it makes it seem like it describes hentai games, then it says it describes VNs, along half way through the page it shows a loli pic as an example and in the end it also lists rail shooters like Gal Gun and other types of games as bishoujo games.

The majority of the JRPGs on my list aren't real bishoujo games if they don't have some kind of affection system where you can get a girl-related ending or a side-story line or something similar. That's just me pushing the boundries a bit, because these often also feature the aesthetics I adore so much in bishoujo games.


It's true that a few dozens of years ago the very first bishoujo games were hentai VNs, but nowadays not many people would think that VNs are always hentai games. And like this, there are also a lot of bishoujo games, that are not adult games. Bishoujo games in erotic nature are rather called "eroge" from what I've seen.


The term "bishoujo" is pretty much the opposite of "bishonen" and no one would associate that with little boys. I have no idea where the whole "underaged girls" thing comes from, but my guess is that it's because games in anime style usually feature girls around high school age and there are some controversies when it comes to fanservicey depictions in the west every now and then.


I checked your recommendations, the first one seems pretty interesting. Am I right that it is a kind of horror point and click adventure in anime style?

I especially like how the trophy icons together form bigger pictures of the characters :D


And I already know about Black Clover and was planning to get sooner or later, as I also really like shounen 3D fighting games.


Thanks for your response it is interesting, always eager to learn. I had not heard of "eroge" before either. Now of these would pass classification in Australia I imagine so no real exposure.


Death Mark is quite good, it is a horror themed VN with some point and click elements. It is fairly straight forward but actually tells a surprisingly deep story. There are also some great images throughout it. I would recommend there is a fantastic guide on ps3imports that doesn't really contain any spoilers. Best way to play through if you get stuck. It is available in JP or English depending on your preference. 


Black Clover is worth a look too, I am not really into anime and have never seen any of the Black Clover anime. I still quite enjoyed the story and the game.

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