is this a bug getting 410/400 gems?!!

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(this before I knew about the gem finder L3 lol I was going nuts for trying to find the gems in spyro1&2)

anyway I was trying to find the last gem I needed for 100% on the level obviously it was one red gem = 1 since I was 399 gems

I searched  every where but just could not find it no matter what

I repeated the level then gem = 9 dropped form one of the guys on the bombs thing but this gem wasn't the one actually, I found the real one later under the water using L3

the level did not give me 100% completion at all and I have 410 gems and 101% on the level




I thought this would ruin my trophies somehow but there is no trophy for 100% as I read in this forum

so is this bug just happened for me did someone else experience something like this?

I perfectly 100% spyro1&2

I would definitely 100% spyro3 too


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It's possible, as sometimes an enemy might not relinquish a gem, so maybe the code of the game wasn't registering it and kept giving you said gems or something along those lines.  But I wouldn't worry so much, I don't think it matters in the end, maybe getting into the Super Bonus Round level a bit easier xD


And fun fact, I had an issue like that on the same level, one enemy did not give me his gem, so I had to reload the checkpoint and got him to drop his gem.  Cause otherwise, Sparx was just pointing to, well, nothing, as in, where the enemy would be located.


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