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If you decide to buy the Secrets of Dr. Wu DLC, there's a number of great stuff included. Is it worth its asking price? It's worth it to own at some point, but I'd wait for a price drop personally.


The 5 new dinosaurs are cool, but I believe the bread and butter is with the modification genes with my favorite being the ability to modify large carnivores to allow up to 4 of the same species in the same enclosure together without them ripping each other's throats out. This also works great on other species that have small population counts, like Sauropelta. Another great mod is the ability to reduce or increase grassland/forest for any species, so certain sauropods (I'm looking at you, Mamenchisaurus) aren't total bitches.


Anyway, for starters, two new areas on existing islands are unlocked.


Isla Muerta East is unlocked when you achieve 4 stars (I believe - it's been a while) on Isla Muerta. By the time this DLC was released, anyone that bought the game at launch will most likely have 5 stars across all islands anyway, so when you boot up the game, you'll receive an incoming message that basically kicks off the DLC.


The money you start with is, I believe, 4 million (again, it's been a while) which is a decent sum. I had to start over once because I messed up, but money won't be a problem soon after.


Just like with the other islands, you'll be given contracts for Entertainment, Science and Security. There's a total of 15 unlocks (5 for each) and one main story mission for each division as well. The story mission for each is unlocked after you've completed 2 unlocks for that division.


Science will unlock you the Olorotitan hadrosaur dinosaur and one new dig site. Security will unlock you the Troodon (smaller version of Velociraptor with a venomous bite) and three new dig sites and I don't remember what Entertainment unlocks. Lol.


TIP: Rather than spending the few million you have on this new island, travel to another island where you already have millions and send out your dig  teams to uncover Olorotitan or Troodon fossils. When they return, extract the fossils but then travel to the new island Isla Muerta East and sell all the non fossils from there to build up your cash early on.


Trophy: Wounding Tooth :bronze: (Photograph a Troodon as it poisons its victim)


Side note: It should say envenomates its victim. But I digress. Anyway...


This can be done on any island, so when you have enough genome, spawn one on an island where you have a lot of cash and spawn a large hadrosaur with it. Have a ranger team on standby, hatch the hadrosaur first and then the Troodon, drive the team into the enclosure and wait. As the Troodon bites the hadrosaur, snap the photo and then back out of the image. The trophy will pop.


Troodons need a minimum of 4 of their own species to be happy. The maximum of their own species is 16 and the maximum overall population is 25.


Olorotitans need a minimum of 3 of their own species to be happy. The maximum of their own species is 12 and the maximum overall population is 25.


If you already managed 5 stars on all other islands, you'll already have everything unlocked except the DLC items and/or the free patch items that released the same day.


After you get 3 stars on Isla Muerta East (I believe - again, it's been a while) you'll receive an incoming transmission from Dr. Wu that unlocks the final island: Tacaño Research Facility.


On this island, you won't have to worry about any contracts from Entertainment, Science or Security. Instead, you'll be tasked with completing 4 missions for Dr. Wu himself. After completing the last mission, you'll unlock Trophy: The Next Step :gold: (Complete all of Dr. Wu's missions). It'll most likely be the last trophy you unlock in this DLC.


Mission 1 will unlock the Ankylodocus. You need 100% genome of Ankylosaurus and 100% genome of Diplodocus, but if you 5 starred the other islands, you should have 100% for both right away. I don't remember the entire mission, but I do know at one point, you will need to take a picture of it drinking. Once you do that, it'll catch a new disease, so you'll have to tranq it, send it away for testing and when it returns, you'll be able to research a new disease. Ankylodocus can have up to 2 of its own species and a maximum population of 14.


Mission 2 will unlock the Stegoceratops. Again, you need 100% genome of Stegosaurus and 100% genome of Triceratops. This mission will have you modify it (Dr. Wu will tell you how) to be able to combat a variety of large carnivores. There are three fights it must win. Don't worry, you won't have to spend money to incubate them as they're flown in for the fights. The first is against Ceratosaurus (I believe). The second and third are against Spinosaurus and Giganotosaurus. (I know Giganotosaurus is one fight, but don't remember if it's the second or third.) Stegoceratops needs a minimum of 3 of its own species to be happy. The maximum of its own species is 8 and the maximum overall population is 15.


Mission 3 will unlock the Spinoraptor. MANUALLY SAVE YOUR GAME BEFORE YOU INCUBATE! You need 100% genome of Spinosaurus and 100% genome of Velociraptor. The moment your Spinoraptor releases from the creation lab, it goes berserk and tries to break out. And it's powerful, too. One hit will break through an electrified concrete wall. Before you incubate, make sure your enclosure is double electrified concrete walled. Have both an ACU chopper and ranger team ready to act when you release it. Try and build up your funds to be able to modify and release a large predator, like T. Rex or I. Rex at the same time you're incubating your Spinoraptor.


Once you release your Spinoraptor, send the ACU team to tranq it immediately. This won't actually tranq it, but will slow it down. Manually drive the ranger team around and patch up walls as it tries to break out. Continuously do this until your modified new best friend is ready for release. Release it to fight and kill the Spinoraptor. This will unlock Trophy: Shoot her...? :silver: (Subdue Dr. Wu's rampaging Spinoraptor).


Once it's down, Mission 4 starts, which is a lot easier than Mission 3. During this mission, you'll unlock Trophy: It can camouflage! :silver: Release an Indominus  Rex with the Adaptive Camouflage Gene.


One final trophy that you can't get until you reach the second island, but that you can unlock on any island is Trophy: We're just used to being the cat :silver: (Using Comfort Genes, create a dinosaur that is impossible to keep calm)


I almost missed this trophy because I thought it was story related, but it's not. Simply pick a dinosaur who already has a high comfort thresh hold, like Indoraptor (whose comfort thresh hold is at 85%) and when you unlock the Comfort Gene, add it to your dinosaur of choice and max it out to 100+%. Once it hatches, the trophy should pop as no matter what you do, it'll try and break out. Again, once you unlock the Comfort Gene, you can do this on any island.


You don't need to max out the divisions on Isla Muerta East to unlock everything, but you will need to 5 star both new islands to be able to unlock all research items. It should be a lot easier to accomplish this now if you 5 starred all previous islands as you'll have all research items and dinosaurs available to you from the start. Enjoy!


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