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17 hours ago, luckydonut said:

Sometimes trophies don't fit all that well into the puzzle structure we've already established. It's just not possible to have 120 trophies - one for every puzzle. But "Complete page one", "Complete page two", etc, is quite dull. I don't know how much it's appreciated, but we always like to try to use some colour in the trophy titles, and cherry-picking certain quotes made that possible. (I'm particularly pleased with "Papal Account").


I must say that I do enjoy your puns, regardless of how facepalm-worthy they may be. As for this trophy list, and knowing so very little about the game (except for the short video), I must say that at least the trophy titles are a blast.


Overall I do enjoy your/Powgi's puzzle games. I love Word Searches so that was an easy buy for me (and I greatly enjoyed it!), while Word Sudoku and the Pic-a-Pix were okay enough with something playing in the background. I do have friends that found these games to be tedious, however they got them only for the amount of silver trophies you place on the list...and an easy plat. I'm just happy someone else enjoys my particular interest in word puzzle games. Keep them coming! They are priced well and getting both PS4 and Vita copies is a steal! Some of my favorite PSN purchases this year and can't wait for the next one.


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I was wondering something in regards to this list actually, now that I think about it.  The trophy images, are they actually based upon each of the famous person's own signature? Such as Al Gore and the likes? (Yoda though, I doubt he's suppose to have one, maybe made up on the spot? xD ).


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