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I've been frequenting this site for quite a while, though not too much the forums, but I am trying to get some more interest in my YT channel so I figured this would be as good a spot as any to do so. It's definitely a work in progress, I've got a ton of videos but I am always altering the types of content I put up, the format, etc. I also don't have much skill in video editing which is why they are often pretty basic. But here it goes anyway.


Channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLC83bpObAR_u-163xJVPOQ


My most recent vids are RDR2 Online Beta so I'll just post some of my best ones from the last couple weeks. I mostly play showdown series. 


I am particularly proud of the kill at 16:55. Probably my nicest kill in all of the 31 hrs of online beta play so far. 


My high score for Name Your Weapon (my favorite mode)


I got accused of hacking during this matched because I won 3 matches in a row. Guy said he had video proof and said he was reporting me to Rockstar. Well here's my video proof. The next day I got kicked from a different lobby (by players) for winning 3-4 games in a row. 



These next videos are just some of my most popular/proud ones:







I welcome any and all input for the channel. I know it could use some obvious stuff like face camera, better video editing, etc. 


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Full playthrough of a super fun PSVR game I caught on sale for $5. Platinum time < 5 hours, maybe a 3.5/10 difficulty. 




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