Am i doing something wrong?

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 So i enjoy tatical gridbased games.

La percel tactics

FF tactics

Orger tatics.


So on and so forth.


Now ive been ambushing and setting up kill traps for roaming targets on this game and i was Basicly killin everything that i came up aganst.


Would wait to see if they wondered off and take them out with a silenced shot or two.


But now im at the lv 20 zone. First one the story takes you to. Everything is lv 20.

With 16-26 hp.


My issue is. Even with armor/mutations some lv2 upgraded weapons. ( even have the rail cannon sniper rifle from fear tunnel)


My average damage per round is maybe 13-20.  ( ~6 ~7 w.o crits)


 Once the zones alerted to my presence they just zero in and whipe me out.


I have.. Maybe..  10hp for hog. 7hp for duk and the chick is at base hp.


I do have the mutations to disable movement and augmented distance 25~% for 2 of my silenced weapons.


 But i just cant seem to handle targets beyond 2 maybe 3 at a time


The sec hunters alone wreck me. 


Any tips 


Do things Respawn?

 I sneaked thru most areas. Such as the over pass and bridge zone. Killing targets with 8-12 hp.  Avoiding anything that had over 16.


 Think im lv 12.


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From my experience, enemies do not respawn. You're basically at the point in the game where killing enemies with silenced weapons is no longer feasible.


I used Dux as a high ground sniper and he got critical hits on almost every shot. Magnus was used to take control of an enemy to be used as a bullet sponge and Borrman was my tank.


For pre-Magnus encounters, I had several battles where the enemies were of greater level than I. You'll have to abuse Boorman's charge attack to knockdown the psychic enemies and Selma's roots skill to trap dogs/melee enemies. The strategy is to not let the enemy have any turns.


Use emp grenades on robots or find the modification that gives your weapon a 50% chance of emp effect. This is the setup I used and I only had one battle that gave me trouble. Good luck and have fun!


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Don't got Magnus yet but ill try that out.


I was thinking of making selma a high ground sniper as she has abilitys ta get her to high ground easyer. And iirc afew trucks that augment her crit rate well on high ground.


But ill try that.




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