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Hi Guys!


So i'm just wondering about missable story trophies. Specifically the two around lux and the one about reprogramming the Z600 ghoul robot. I gave lux the key which locks the fitness room as well as making his henchmen allied with you so I'm pretty sure I screwed that up, unless you get another chance to open that door and fight him later? I'm passed rescuing Hammon now for reference. I also fought the ghoul leader in The lair of the horned devil and didn't even notice the giant MIMIRZ600 in the back so I fought that too, but i'm guessing you can reprogram that one somehow to fight with you, mean makes me think i'm locked out of that one too now.


Just thought I'd ask for some clarification from those of you who have those trophies or have gotten that far and have more knowledge than me :).


The trophies in question are:


Lights out!

Fitness Club

Demo Thing




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I think you pretty much got it.


Lights out! and Fitness Club are missable if you give Lux the key before opening the basement. In the basement there's also an artifact you need for the 100% Old Skool trophy, so that's missable as well. You don't get another chance to fight him since you can't initiate combat if he's allied to you. Same with Demo Thing, if you start the encounter before reprogramming the MIMIR Z600 you miss out on the trophy. Fortunately for that one you don't need to repeat the entire encounter. There's a console you can interact with behind the MIMIR Z600 before initiating combat, after interacting with it you get the trophy.


Not story related but Weapon Smith and all the combat related trophies are technically missable since combat encounters and weapon parts are limited, for more details on how to easily get most of those refer to the "Kill trophies" topic on here.


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