My successful save transfer and autopop info.

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So I woke up this morning to numerous messages from people asking me how I managed to get this to work. It looks as though I may be the only person that has successfully transferred their save on the EU version. To save myself from answering everyone's messages individually (which would take me all day) I decided to make this post. I don't know if it will help at all but I will give as much info as I can.


- First off I have the day 1 disc version of FFXV. ( I live in New Zealand so I have the EU version)

- This is fully updated with the digital Royal Edition downloaded from the NZ psn. (Also EU obviously)


Process of installing and tranferring save.

1. First thing I did was updated my FFXV Royal Edition with the new patch (1.27)

2. Logged into comrades to check what changed and sure enough it was no longer playable.

3. Downloaded the standalone version as soon as it was available and installed it.

4. Logged into standalone and recieved message saying please do not switch off game while save was transferring.

5. While my save was being transferred I noticed a very small update/patch started to download in the background.

6. After the save transfer completed I exited the game and installed the update. (I did not log into the game before I did this. I never went past the main title screen)

7. After installing the update I logged into the game and everything was working the way it should be with all my characters available. (I am now on patch 1.01)


I honestly do not know why this worked for me and nobody else. The only thing I can think of is that I transferred my save before installing the tiny update patch. Other than that I'm as confused by this as everyone else, so I kindly ask people to stop messaging me about this as I really don't have any answers for you all. I wish I did.


To add to this post here is some info on autopopping for those of you who are interested:


All trophies earned in the previous comrades will autopop upon log in with the exception of:

- level 30 weapon ( just craft another and it will pop)

- crow's nest ( you will need to find Kenny again)

- level 99 chocobo (just visit your chocobo stable and it will pop)

- comrades quest (just do the mission with one character again to get this)

- witness king Noctis awakening (defeat Bahamut again at Galdin Quay to get this)


Hopefully this is of some help to you all and I hope Squenix get this sorted soon.


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Seems that the 1.01 might be the issue, since apparently he was on 1.00 when the transfer occurred


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